Securities Brokerage

Securities Brokerage

Opus Securities Limited is a SFC licensed Corporation (CE reference number BFY678) to conduct Type 1 (dealing in securities) regulated activity.


We are a Hong Kong based financial and rapidly expanding network across the globe. Hong Kong is in a unique position to benefit from the emerging importance of PRC investors in the international capital markets, and we strives to serve as a bridge linking up Chinese investors and overseas capital markets.


At the same time, we recognize that new technology is revolutionizing the financial market, in order to provide the best services to clients, we are developing various channels for order placements. We will continue to expand our financial offerings by providing diversified and specialized services and products to enhance our customers' return.


Our Services

Securities Brokerage and Securities Margin Financing
One-Stop Securities trading platform, which enable our customers conduct the securities trading via Online / Mobile Application Trading Platform
Initial Public Offering (IPO) Subscription
Placing and Underwriting
Shares Custodian


In addition, customers may access their account balance, investment portfolio and trading statement via our online platform from time to time.