About Us

About us

Opus Financial Group

We are a specialized niche financial group based in Hong Kong, committed to provide multi-disciplinary financial services. Our five main business focus are: corporate finance; asset management; mezzanine financing; principal investment; and securities brokerage & margin financing. With our strong network and experienced management team, we provide a wide range of services to our clients. Our group comprises of top-tiered and highly committed professionals with a varied and diverse background, who commands a wide range of industry knowledge and expertise in the financial services sector. Our unique and flexible platform gives us an edge over traditional funds and investment banks to better capture a wider scope of investment and value enhancing opportunities.


Our Objectives

As a team with proven success, we strive to create and enhance value for our clients by providing them with original thinking ideas and unique access to opportunities. We offer our clients with personalized and professional financial services. Our objective is to create a financial platform of choice for our clients for their financial service needs.


Corporate Finance

IPO Sponsorship
Fund Raising
Advisory Services

Asset Management

Funds Management
Discretionary Portfolio Management

Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine Loan
Collateralized Loan
Special Situations Loan

Principal Investment

Private & Pre-IPO Equity
Listed Equities
Special Situations Investment

Securities Brokerage

Securities Brokerage and Margin Financing
IPO Subscription
Placing and Underwriting